Photo Mate 2.8


Photo Mate offers a high-quality preview of various image formats (jpg, png, cr2, psd, ...). View image files up to 100 MP in great quality!
Get all interesting exif-data from your jpg files like camera model, iso, aperture, exposure + exposure-time and other available information.
Works for almost every camera-data.
If available, you can get the position where the image was taken shown in Google Maps.
You can also show a histogram to get the overall brightness of your image. In addition, you can see over/under-exposured areas highlighted right in the image!

Use Photo Mate to navigate through your photo collection. The view is separated into two parts (Image-List + Image-Information) - plain and clear.
You want to show some of your pictures to friends or the family? Use the nice-looking slide show option.
Convert raw-pictures or other file format to jpg or png.

Current supported File Formats:
jpg: Full Resolution + Exif
png: Full Resolution
ico: Full Resolution
psd: Depending on Filesize Full Resolution or thumbnail
tiff: Depending on Filesize Full Resolution or no image
cr2 (Canon Raw): Full Resolution
nef (Nikon Raw): Full Resolution
dng (Digital Negativ, Raw Format): Depending on "inner" file type
3fr (Hasselblad Raw): thumbnail

If you're missing a format which is working, please mail.
If you have problems with a format or if it is currently not supported, please mail, too.

Tags: Image Viewer, Image Navigator, Exif Data, Histogram

New: Rotate and mirror images in high quality! Furthermore, you can resize and compress images. They are automatically saved along with the original files.

New: Open Photoshop Document Files (psd)! Currently in beta, you can use the resize function to export them as jpg or png. Transparency is currently not supported. You can view all layers of the psd file. When trying to open large files, the app may crash. PSD Format is a proprietary format of Adobe.

New: Open Canon Camera Raw Files (cr2)! At the moment, the latest Raw format is supported (used by most of the new EOS). Auto rotation is currently not supported.

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